In the spring of 1971, Kinco began manufacturing windows in a 21,000 square ft. Plant with just twenty-five employees. Today, Kinco employs more than five-hundred people throughout the state of Florida with one branch in Charleston, S.C., and have increased their production space to 105,000 square ft.
From its’ conception, Kinco has played a dynamic role in the home building industry in Northeast, South, and Central Florida. With the manufacturing facility and door plant home-based in Jacksonville, Florida, Kinco has a total of fourteen branches. Each branch is fully equipped with a show room, replacement department and full-service center.

Kinco Windows and Doors Featured in Richard R. Dostie Homes Collection
Maintaining close relationships through the homebuilders’ association has allowed Kinco to plan ahead and be prepared to meet the demands of the future.

While constructors strive to build homes with character, Kinco realizes that windows are a home’s true personality. A home beside the water or nestled in a natural woods setting deserves the most unobstructed view a window can provide. Nothing enhances warmth and charm to a cottage style bungalow more than colonial muntins do. The newer more elegant Victorian style homes with their grace and beauty embrace Kinco eyebrow, ellipticals, and circle top windows. Realizing that first impressions are lasting, Kinco acquired its door plant in 1993 providing homebuilders as well as remodelers the ultimate in entry doors, French and sliding glass doors, and by becoming an authorized distributor of Peachtree Entry Doors and Johnson Entry Doors.

Kinco Windows and Doors Featured in Coppenbarger Homes
Although the success of the company is a derivative of hard work, ambition and a sincere desire to provide a better life for their families, the three young entrepreneurs who originally founded Kinco thirty years ago, attribute their good fortune to their dedicated employees, many of whom are still with the company.